Dental Pathology. A practical introduction / Pieter J. Slootweg. - Estados Unidos : Springer, 2007. - 83 p. ; 13 archivos pdf. :

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Front Matter. Chapter 1 Tooth Formation. Chapter 2 Histology of the Teeth and Surrounding Structures. Chapter 3 Disturbed Tooth Form. Chapter 4 Developmental Disturbances in Tissue Structure. Chapter 5 Alterations Acquired After Tooth Eruption. Chapter 6 Disturbed Tooth Eruption. Chapter 7 Disorders of the Dental Pulp. Chapter 8 Disorders of the Periodontal Tissues. Chapter 9 Odontogenic Cysts. Chapter 10 Odontogenic Tumours. Chapter 11 Immature Odontogenic Tissues. A Source of Diagnostic Confusion. Back Matter.

An invaluable work that will help dentists and oral surgeons to recognize and diagnose gross dental abnormalities. This book provides practically applicable knowledge on histology and histopathology of the changes that are seen in diseases of the dental and periodontal tissues. It includes the disturbances in tooth formation, acquired dental diseases including caries and its sequelae for the tooth-surrounding tissues, periodontal disease and odontogenic tumours. Also, attention is paid to the histological alterations induced by dental treatment.


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