Dean, Jeffrey A.

McDonald and Avery's dentistry for the child and adolescent / Jeffrey A. Dean - 10a.ed. - [China] : Elsevier, 2016. - 700 p. ; 39 archivos pdf. :

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Front Matter, Copyright, Dedication, Contributors, Foreword, Preface, Acknowledgments. Part 1: Diagnoses. Chapter 1 - Examination of the Mouth and Other Relevant Structures. Chapter 2 - Radiographic Techniques. Chapter 3 - Acquired and Developmental Disturbances of the Teeth and Associated Oral Structures. Chapter 4 - Development and Morphology of the Primary Teeth. Chapter 5 - Clinical Genetics for the Dental Practitioner. Chapter 6 - Child Abuse and Neglect. Part 2: Caries and Periodontology. Chapter 7 - Mechanical and Chemotherapeutic Home Oral Hygiene. Chapter 8 - Nutritional Considerations for the Pediatric Dental Patient. Chapter 9 - Dental Caries in the Child and Adolescent. Chapter 10 - Pit-and-Fissure Sealants and Preventive Resin Restorations. Chapter 11 - Restorative Dentistry. Chapter 12 - Dental Materials. Chapter 13 - Treatment of Deep Caries, Vital Pulp Exposure, and Pulpless Teeth. Chapter 14 - Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease. Part 3: Pain Control and Behavior Guidance. Chapter 15 - Local Anesthesia and Pain Control for the Child and Adolescent. Chapter 16 - Nonpharmacologic Management of Children’s Behaviors. Chapter 17 - Pharmacologic Management of Patient Behavior. Chapter 18 - Hospital Dental Services for Children and the Use of General Anesthesia. Part 4: Growth and Development. Chapter 19 - Eruption of the Teeth: Local, Systemic, and Congenital Factors That Influence the Process. Chapter 20 - Growth of the Face and Dental Arches. Chapter 21 - Cephalometrics and Facial Aesthetics: The Key to Complete Treatment Planning. Chapter 22 - Managing the Developing Occlusion. Chapter 23 - Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Cleft Lip and Palate Management. Chapter 24 - Prosthodontic Treatment of the Adolescent Patient. Part 5: Management of Special Medical Issues and Practice Management. Chapter 25 - Dental Problems of Children with Special Health Care Needs. Chapter 26 - Management of the Medically Compromised Patient: Hematologic Disorders, Cancer, Hepatitis, and AIDS. Chapter 27 - Management of Trauma to the Teeth and Supporting Tissues. Chapter 27 - Management of Trauma to the Teeth and Supporting Tissues. Chapter 29 - Oral Surgery for the Pediatric Patient. Chapter 30 - The Child in Context of the Family, Community, and Society. Chapter 31 - Practice Management. Index.

With this publication of the textbook, we are entering a historic milestone with the first “double digit” edition of the title Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent. As I write this, I am holding Dr. Ralph McDonald’s very first book entitled Pedodontics: The Postgraduate Dental Lecture Series, which he developed early in his career as a professor of pediatric dentistry. This book was published by the CV Mosby Company in 1963 and had 11 chapters, complemented with 245 illustrations. The copy I am holding in my hand was Dr. McDonald’s personal copy and has many handwritten entries in it. What a treasure!

Although his 1963 first text is known by a different title, it clearly is the foundation of our current series. In fact, all 11 chapter titles in this 1963 edition can be found in some form or another in the current text. As you may have noticed, this therefore represents the 50th celebratory anniversary for this classic pediatric dentistry textbook. Dr. McDonald and Dr. David Avery, who joined him in writing the last seven editions, certainly have left their mark on our specialty with this work, and it’s a unique honor and pleasure for me to be able to help continue the series now and hopefully into the future. One can certainly reflect on the perhaps millions of children who these two grand gentlemen were able to directly assist by continuing to provide the latest theories, research, concepts, and techniques to practitioners around the world.

So what changes have we made to this edition? First and foremost is the bowing out of both Drs. McDonald and Avery as editors of the book. While I stayed in regular communications with them during the production, they were not actively engaged in writing or editing. Their involvement was definitely missed by me. In addition, many other contributors have moved on with retirements and other life transitions and are no longer involved. Although we are all sad to see them go, their departure opened up exciting opportunities for new expert contributors to become involved. And I can say, I was very fortunate to successfully recruit wonderful new authors.

In addition to all of the new contributors to the text, as well as the electronic version having questions and answers with each chapter, we have also included a case study or two for each chapter, as well as 10 video vignettes to enhance the learning experience for students. These are significant improvements that we hope you will find most enjoyable. They are available on the Elsevier Evolve website.


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